Sunday, September 02, 2007

International Rock Flipping Day

Yep. Today was International Rock Flipping Day.
My hubby helped flip the sandstone rock that borders the driveway hosta bed. My camera at the ready, I watched as he used a hoe and in seconds the soil that hadn't seen light in decades was drenched in sunlight. Below are the photographs of the denizens of this shady little world.

I'm sure you recognize the pill bug and the worm. I think this pix reveals worm 'poop'. See that little pile of small dirt balls?


I wish I had a way of showing you how teensy-weencie that little white centipede-like bug is. But he was massively upset that we'd up-ended his world. He desperately tried to get back into his shadow world. (UPDATE - My hubby and I agree that if placed on a US penny he would barely have run the length of the top of Lincoln's head)

My husband was happy to oblige him and after I snapped these shots did a reverse flip.

His take on the whole affair: "I don't like anything on the other side of the light."

Well, I suspect the feeling was mutual.


Mary said...


You found good stuff. I'm such a dork that I forgot to flip. Dang. I'll flip tomorrow - a day late - to see what lies under...

I need to get on the ball and know what day it is. Sometimes life is a blurry mess :o)

Susannah Anderson said...

I love the photo of the worm, and of that tiny white beastie.

I have collembola (springtails) in my garden plot that are similar to it, but with shorter antennae. BugGuide has long-bodied springtails like yours, about 2mm long.

NatureWoman said...

Oh, cool Cathy!! This is the type of stuff I was hoping to find, but the two big rocks I flipped only had ants. So I went for something else instead (posted on my blog).

threecollie said...

The other side of the light...I like that.

Ruth said...

I helped my daughters raise worms for vermi-composting once. Other than earthworms, I haven't been terribly curious about things that lurk under rocks. But these rock-flipping posts are interesting.

burning silo said...

You found some great stuff beneath those stones! The white centipede is very interesting.

cestoady said...

Certainly looks like a centipede rather than a six-legged collembolan (has too many legs).

To show size one needs something that one can relate to -- like a coin ( as I saw in a recent Nature Remains blog - Cool Creature) or ball -point pen or pencil tip -- anything one can recognize. Helps a lot, otherwise how can one appreciate the smallness (or bigness) unless it is compared to what we know ?

Anvilcloud said...

It takes all kinds.

dinahmow said...

Nice pictures.And Cestoady's right about giving some recognisable scale (I'll check on the diameter of a US penny!).I should have given my skink's size. I'll add that to my post now!

Anonymous said...

What you found is what I expected to find. Mine was a bit different.

Larry said...

I can't believe how many rock flippers their are.-I've read 3 blogs that talked about rock flipping-I feel left out!-maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

This is such a crazy holiday! Never heard about it until reading many others blog postings! Thanks for posting your great finds!

Mary said...

Cathy - I flipped rocks today for a short while then stopped flipping when I found a mound of fire ants. Then I flipped out!

Sent DH to buy a killer. Can't have my dogs' noses bitten... This is the summer from Hell. We are decorating for Autumn early this year with high hopes of chilly nights and cool days.

Anonymous said...

Those little worm poops like a stack of cannonballs at the ready. Nice shots.

Cathy said...

Mary -

I don't allow dorks on my blog so you are obviously NOT a dork ;0)

I see in your second comment that you got lucky and found FIRE ANTS!!! Lordy! Run Forrest RUN!

Wanderin' Weeta -

Hey! Welcome :0)
I'm glad you like my very upset little beastie.
Thanks for the Bug Guide link.

Nature Woman -

Yeah, well thanks, but you got much cooler stuff:0)

Three Collie -

I'm so glad you picked up on that. When he said it I though 'Oh, yeah, that's goin in the post,' - Thanks.

Ruth -

You and my husband :0D I can't tell you how uninterested he was. I think he had a serious case of the 'willies'. But you raised worms! Well that's cool.

Bev -

Wasn't this fun!? I'm so glad my little beastie intrigues you.

And I am so excited! I finally got a picture of spider eyes. Yea!

Cestoady -

I know, I know . . . I'm kicking myself for not shoving a penny in there. But there was so little time - everybody was scurrying for cover - including my husband :0D

AC -

Yes it does - Oh, my! Yes, it does. Some that give us the willies, included.

Dinahmow -

I loved your skink - and the size really helps. Like I said to Cestoady, though - things were moving pretty fast.

Pablo -

Man! There's no topping that snake!

Larry -

Sorry dude! I was sure you'd have seen it on one of your demented fellow bloggers posts :0)
Next year I know you'll be one of the top contenders.

Monarch -

Well same goes for you as Larry above. On the other hand - you manage very well without flipping rocks :0)

Hey Mar - See your comment above !


Yes! I'd thought of mentioning that they looked like a stack of cannon balls and didn't so as not to reveal myself as too war-like in my Rorschach revelations. Thanks!

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