Monday, December 10, 2007

Reflections . . . .

On a 61st birthday sunrise (shared with Mom)

Birthday reflections on Mom's cruet collection

I've been reflecting on my amazing mother. (Here, filling her bird feeders)

On the fact of Primrose blooming on the last day of Novemember

On the lovely grace of a niece. On the love of a merry husband.

On the strength of character and caring - of a nephew.

On the gift of a precious brother. (His 60th)

On the joy of celebrations.

On the magic of light and love during the days of solstice waiting. (The tree is from the Botanic Garden compost pile :0)

I've missed dropping in on you all. I know you know how life throws curves when you want to follow a preferred trajectory. It's all about bending with the breezes, right? My blogging has borne the brunt of the season's turnings.

Merry Christmas and warmest wishes for happiness and health in the New Year.