Friday, December 30, 2005

Lovely . . .

I like best of all autumn because its leaves are a little yellow, its tones mellower, its colors richer, and it is tinged a little with sorrow. Its golden richness speaks not of innocence of spring, nor of the power of summer, but of the mellowness and kindly wisdom of approaching age . . . . It knows the limitations of life and is content.

Lin Yutang

This quote seems a lovely frame of mind in which to enter my sixtieth decade.

I took this picture in Secor Park looking over the old cemetery fence.

Beauty Everywhere.

Some Solstice Thoughts

As the year recedes the sun returns.
Every season carries hope.
Old age has its wisdom and patience.
The end of the year -
the promise of
returning Light.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Welcome to Looking Up!

Welcome to my blog, Looking Up. I wrote a poem entitled "Looking Up" after a winter of grief. We'd had to release both our fur-kids (Chowder and Wookie) within a month of each other in 2004. The poem tracks the slow journey back from the glacier of emotional anguish to the experience once again of joy. Nature and time and the patience and love of family and friends were the accompaniment to the passage. The beauty in all this - the mystery in all facets of existence - these are the subject of my blog. Enjoy!