Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Mossy Mouthful

Sometimes a picture deserves its very own post. While trying to photograph a blue jay through my back porch window I saw this little fella scratching around in the fern bed just outside. I didn't realize that a titmouse feathered its bed with moss. Pretty sweet.


Friday, May 14, 2010


Can't quite explain why I found this vignette so touching. The swan is a year old this spring. He's starting to spend less time around his watchful parents - an adolescent thing.

But I never expected this in a swan. I watched him circling beneath a tree. My binoculars revealed the cause. A Kingfisher sat in the branches above him. The young swan was curious. Imagine that. In this new heart under those white feathers. Wonder. About his world.


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hey! Get outta there!

So I'm trying to back out of the driveway using my Honda's video screen. (It really is a help if you've got neck issues.) Bird migration is underway and I'm headed for the edge of Lake Erie early in the morning.

I put the car in reverse and glance at the camera image being transmitted from my rear bumper.

Yikes!!! There's some kid standing splayed-leg on the sidewalk behind me with his arms thrust out as if to impede my motion.

I can't believe my eyes! I throw the car in park and step out. No kid. OK. I'm losing it. Back in the car. The kid rematerializes. Sweet Mary.

Long story short. The image I see in the screen and the image I get outside the car are different because the camera is not dead-center on the car, but off to the side. (or something!)

For some reason that tree shadow morphs into a bratty kid for the camera. A cartoon kid, but geeze - he even throws a shadow. I know, any reasonable person can see it ain't human, but still - it's a little creepy don't you agree?