Monday, July 31, 2006

Snow . . . . ?

Remember the white crystalline stuff that you thought would never ever yield to Spring? Today, it almost looks good. This little wren I photographed in February commiserated through the patio doors. This week, those same doors have been foggy with condensation because we've got the air-conditioner battling the sweltering air on the other side. I'd hate to have to choose between these two temperature extremes. I wonder, a lifetime of 12' above or 90' and high humidity?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Galaxy and Black Hole

In a near heat-stroke delirium, I snapped this picture of a spider web and its owner. I couldn't shake the sense of the metaphor that the spider is a black hole sitting at the center of a galaxy, its concealed mass drawing other inhabitants inexorably into its heart. Sorry for the tone, here. Actually, I think spiders are cool and I don't scream for help when I see one - hmmmm . . . except for the 4-incher on the inside of the shower curtain in the cabin in Arizona. I screamed. Thank God for men who still come running.

Friday, July 28, 2006

A Reduced Vista

Adjusting to a diminished palette has taken a few days. The sweeping vistas of sparkling ocean horizon and beach dunes disappearing beyond an encroaching fog bank, are memory. My eyes have modified their expectations and focus again on the loveliness, amusement and mystery at hand.
Watching clouds from my parked car, I noticed the TBG's rose garden writ small, but gem-like, within the watery confines of my dashboard vase of daylilies. (I, of course, have inverted this image in ACDSee)

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Casey posits questions on his blog that only the foolish or erudite dare respond to. Yours truly is the poster child for the first category. In a recent post he touched on the concept of 'beauty' and Kant's position in approaching aesthetics that "either there is beauty, and it must be a universal/ideal concept, or there is no beauty." He then wades into the question of the universality of ethics and morality. (I hope I've approximated within some degree of accuracy the sense of this)

It's dazzling to follow along as he and his readers weigh in on these serious issues. I am as a little gnat bouncing off the windowpane as this feast of intellectual sparring unfolds within his blog's book-strewn shelves. But, even the gnat is drawn by that which education and culture did not implant in its tiny brain.
Beauty is. I know it when I see it. I live because it 'is'.

The photo was taken at sunsent on the elbow of Cape Cod. Beautiful?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Home From The Sea

It's so nice not to be in motion. Soloing Interstate 90 for two days (some in rain) challenges this Nervous Nelly. It's so tough not to indulge the longing and the regret that sea breeze and beach roses are a fading memory and that a great chunk of this continent now lies between us and our son. I remind myself that air travel has vastly reduced those distances. I really do try to be a glass-half-full gal, but it seems sometimes beyond my capacity. Now there's the laundry, the month's worth of vacation detritus spilling from the van and jeep and the need to resist the couch-potato position now that the paths and beauty of Cape Cod are once again, next summer's dream.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Cape Cod Montage

Fog and early sunrises. Chatham is on the eastern edge of the time zone. Birdsong at 4:30 am. Land, water and life that exists because of the marriage of the two.