Thursday, July 27, 2006


Casey posits questions on his blog that only the foolish or erudite dare respond to. Yours truly is the poster child for the first category. In a recent post he touched on the concept of 'beauty' and Kant's position in approaching aesthetics that "either there is beauty, and it must be a universal/ideal concept, or there is no beauty." He then wades into the question of the universality of ethics and morality. (I hope I've approximated within some degree of accuracy the sense of this)

It's dazzling to follow along as he and his readers weigh in on these serious issues. I am as a little gnat bouncing off the windowpane as this feast of intellectual sparring unfolds within his blog's book-strewn shelves. But, even the gnat is drawn by that which education and culture did not implant in its tiny brain.
Beauty is. I know it when I see it. I live because it 'is'.

The photo was taken at sunsent on the elbow of Cape Cod. Beautiful?


Casey said...

Cathy--that knowing that you speak of is more important than all the jargon-slinging the scholastic world has ever produced. For some reason, nobody wants to admit that that feeling is and epistemology (a "way of knowing").

And anyway, only the erudite can recognize their own foolishness.

Bonita said...

Sometimes, words are insufficient, and one must only feel....deeply. I'm so glad beauty is a part of your life, as shown here.