Thursday, May 15, 2008

Isn't It Romantic? Not!

Before I finally succumbed to the 'thing' - I snapped this Tundra Swan.

My last day birding I spotted this female yellow-headed blackbird.

A black-throated blue warbler sporting a different look.

To those of you who wander back to this abandoned little outpost in northwest Ohio - my sincere gratitude and apologies that your journeys have been for naught.

I know you've all heard of that tombstone in the Florida Keys that reads: "I told you I was sick".

Well. Mercy me. Now I have an answer as to why I just didn't feel good. It took a really miserable event to land me in the emergency room and into a CT to determine that the old gray mare has developed (I'm whispering this now) diverticulitis.

So more drugs and procedures are scheduled whilst I lie here behaving myself on bland food. I will not even create a link to this condition. Just don't get it. Ick.

Meanwhile the spring migration of warblers is passing over my head and I'm not on the lake to celebrate with the other birders. Poor me.

Actually, I'm just so grateful to have a diagnosis that I'm not indulging in a major pity party. It's OK to be on the receiving end of TLC. Really OK :0)

Hope all is well with you. Happy Spring. Happy Birding.