Friday, April 08, 2011

These Things I know

My dear friend, Anne, was cleaning bookshelves and came across this poem. She shared it with me. I love it.

These Things I Know:

I have planted a garden,
so I know what faith is.

I have seen birch trees
swaying in the breeze, so
I know what grace is.

I have seen a morning without
clouds, after showers,
so I know what beauty is.

I have read a book beside
a wood fire,
so I know what contentment is.

I have seen the miracle of
the sunset, so I know what
grandeur is.

And because I have perceived
all these things, I know
what wealth is.

- Capper's Weekly - unattributed

I know you could add your own list of 'wealth-making' experiences.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Done With Ice

(you might have to click to read)

Couldn't stand looking at that ice in my previous post. We're nowhere near magnolia blooms, yet - but - hope SPRINGs eternal ;-)