Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Natural With Her Paint Brush.

If I could paint I'd love my work to look like these paintings that I collected on the elbow of Cape Cod.
Janice Lincoln is the lovely lady that assists her son on the Rip Ryder which carries summer visitors for sightseeing, picnicking and seal viewing to the island off the southern end of the Cape. It's the Monomoy Island Ferry.

In the winter she paints.   Just for the fun of it.   Her work captures the feel of the ocean and the places she's grown to know over time.  Her husband, Ed (Porky) knows they're good and smiles indulgently as I bug him to let me have first dibs on them as he opens his van to perspective ferry passengers.   There they are.  I've waited all winter to have a look.  They are so reasonably priced that I feel guilty.
But not guilty enough to save them for the next passerby's.  Thank you Jan.  They're lovely and will brighten spirits next winter back in Ohio.

Monday, June 09, 2014