Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sweet June

Nuff said?


Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Oh my friends - if you could hear the rumblings. Tomorrow is roto-rooter day. One bottle of Fleets Phospho Soda down and one to go. And I do mean go.

Step back in time with me when this blog spouted poetry and pictures. Remember the romps through indignation and delight, memory and mischief.

Now you are consigned to the complaints of an aging alimentary canal.

But after tomorrow and what I'm sure will be a clean-bill-of-health (with caveats) - I'll be up like the rosebuds (clematis, actually) high on the vine in my front yard and back to visit your merry blogs.

Seriously. Your kind and supportive comments mean more than I can say. Thank you, dear friends.

UPDATE: It's over. Wooohee. The prep was a cinch . . . the procedure . . . well I was one of the lucky ones who get a 'spasm' - the joys of which are fairly similar to childbirth replete with vomiting.
BOTTOM LINE (Har!) : No cancer, but facing life with a crabby gut and the great desire not to bore the snot out of people with the further adventures of Cathy's GI issues. You are all the greatest!