Thursday, October 30, 2014


Neighbors estimate there were 300 plus.  
 The pictures tell the story.















Old friends and new . . . happy little kids . .  some big ones, too.
A few hours to forget the old world outside our immediate
communities  . . . to take time to bask in the glow of autumn's traditions and the innocent happiness of the young.

(Grandpa Strong designed and assembled those cardboard tombstones for  us, back in the early 80's.
   They are a treasure)

Halloween Wait'n . . .

All is in readiness for literally the hundreds of ghosts, goblins and assorted ninjas that will be visiting us this evening.  Ours is, once again, a very young neighborhood and we live - (generally congenially) - cheek by jowl.  It brings in kids from all over the Toldeo/Sylvania area - cause ya don't have to go far for the goodies.  It's great fun :)

My alter ego this morning, waiting for sunset atop one of the cardboard tombstones my dear dad made 25 years ago.

She doesn't 'color' her hair though.

Happy Halloween, all !  Luckily our snow isn't due until Saturday evening.   The little beggars lucked out !

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Disappearing Scarecrow

There once was a Happy Scarecrow AND  a very determined red squirrel.

Seems he had winter on his mind.   "Cozy" was a concern.

First he went after the cravat.   The scarecrow just looked on . . .

He was determined . . . but the cravat held . .

So he dropped to the belt buckle . . 

and the vest . . . 

The vest took some coaxing . . 

But by the time he got down to the shirt - he'd got the hang of it.

The scarecrow just kept smiling.

I think he enjoyed the attention :)

See the little critter in action:

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Jumping Spider Poses for a Portrait . .

 He's in there . . . on the right . . . tucked into a leaf

Making an appearance . . .

 I'm ready for my close-up . . . 

How's this pose ?

How's about a dorsal shot . . ?

Don't forget the belly.

(Jumping spiders always go for your camera lens:)

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Color of All The Sunsets and Sunrises Occurring on Earth

That's why the moon - during an eclipse  - takes on a rosy glow.
We we're lucky early this morning.   It was worth the effort to get out of bed and onto a hill behind my brother's in Loudonville, Ohio.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Not My World Anymore . . .

The local botanical garden provides camera fodder during any season.  A few days ago I happily photographed bugs, flowers and mushrooms.   As I headed back toward my car . . a phalanx of young people swept  toward me on the paved path.   They gave no quarter.  I had to step into the grass.
I turned around and took my revenge with my camera.

Not my world anymore folks. . . 
The only time I got that naked when I was a kid . . .was on a  beach  . . and my bathing suit was actually more modest than these outfits :)