Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Disappearing Scarecrow

There once was a Happy Scarecrow AND  a very determined red squirrel.

Seems he had winter on his mind.   "Cozy" was a concern.

First he went after the cravat.   The scarecrow just looked on . . .

He was determined . . . but the cravat held . .

So he dropped to the belt buckle . . 

and the vest . . . 

The vest took some coaxing . . 

But by the time he got down to the shirt - he'd got the hang of it.

The scarecrow just kept smiling.

I think he enjoyed the attention :)

See the little critter in action:


Rev. Paul said...

Cute little fella; too bad they're so destructive.

threecollie said...

Oh, man, that is so funny. Liz and I watched it and we were laughing right out loud.

Jonna said...

First of all - who says "cravat"? Second of all, I don't care how destructive they are, those little red squirrels are amazingly snuggly!

Cathy said...

Rev. Paul . . . I try not to think about the stories I hear about the mayhem they can create if they get into your home.

Marianne . . . So glad I gave you and Liz some fun. It surely was something to observe this bad boy.

Jonna . . Well . . I heard the scarecrow shouting "NOT The CRAVAT!" when the squirrel went after it.
As for snuggling up with 'em . . . well, his den is surely snuggly after he festooned it with the scarecrow's wardrobe :)

Anonymous said...

For at least he left the guys pants on!

Cathy said...


Thank yooooou :-D

Larry said...

Talk about being at the right place and the right time with a camera! Squirrels are determined little when they have their mind set on something (usually food).Very entertaining series of photos!

Cathy said...

Thanks again, Larry. The little bugger took a couple days to complete the disrobing. I just stood in my kitchen and enjoyed it.
(And now we think we're hearing noises in our attic crawl space :(