Monday, October 13, 2014

A Jumping Spider Poses for a Portrait . .

 He's in there . . . on the right . . . tucked into a leaf

Making an appearance . . .

 I'm ready for my close-up . . . 

How's this pose ?

How's about a dorsal shot . . ?

Don't forget the belly.

(Jumping spiders always go for your camera lens:)


threecollie said...

Great shots! And I have those same flowers around my back door!

Rev. Paul said...

Wonderful pix, as always. :)

julie said...

*scrolling down*
Hey, great shots!

*scrolling some more*
Look at all those eyes!

*gets to last pic*

Too funny - I can see myself taking the same series of photos, then practically jumping out of my skin on the last one :)

Cathy said...

Thank you Marianne :) Those are my brother Bob's flowers . . . and yes . . they're right at his front door garden gate. Hollyhock of some kind?

Thanks, Rev. Paul . . You're a man possessed of very astute aesthetic judgement :)

Julie! Thank you! And yep. The first time a jumping spider disappears from your field of view . . . it's a little exciting. Now I just play with the little fellars.