Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kate through the years . .

We're waiting, praying and hoping that this dear little girl is soon able to go home to her sister, her dog and a Christmas filled with love and happy memories.

She's endured three surgeries in one week.   She's left a wake of love, amazement and wonder at how one so young and facing so many procedures can be so bright and positive.  So witty and determined.  She is a precious gift to those whose lives she's touched.

Friday, December 06, 2013

A third surgery . . . .


After a third surgery in the early hours of Tuesday morning . . . hope is blooming that this sweet child is able to return home with a shunt that is moving CS fluid as is needed to relieve the pressure and swelling. The staff in IPCU at Children's Hospital in Aurora are  in love with her . . as are we all.

PS.  Kate is on the right and that is her dear sister, Laura on the left.

She must have another surgery this afternoon.  Swelling causing pressure. She is the dearest of little girls.