Saturday, June 30, 2007

Just a Question

There's always activity at the fish pier in Chatham. Commercial fishing boats unload fish by the sloppy buckets-full. I turn my eyes toward other sights like the Corps of Engineer's dredging barge, the seals, the barrier islands across the harbor.

I knew what this fellow was dragging across the parking lot to the fish store. I'd seen him unloading the lobsters from a boat, minutes earlier.

This was their last contact with sea air and freedom - a last ocean water bath.

As I looked up at this sign I felt a little twinge.

The Gray Seals hang around the fish pier. Look at those eyes. What is he saying? What is he asking? (OK. I know you characters out there are going to say he's thinking "Throw me some chum, please.") (Click on that picture and tell me I'm wrong!) My hubby and I just felt sad looking at that face. Do seals feel? I guess we're just getting old.

And then he went below, trailing mystery - leaving behind only a few ripples and an unasked question.

PS: I promise to stop posting these melancholy existential posts. Maybe :0)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Maytrees And Cape Cod

My fellas

I just finished Annie Dillard's new book, The Maytrees. I'm still trying to stand up. Honestly, I didn't know it took place on Cape Cod when I threw it in my suitcase. So here I sat in disbelief reading this astonishing book set in the place I love most in the world. This is not light reading, but if you choose to read it you'll be as the shoreline swept clean by the ebb tide. You'll see interior vistas as though for the first time.

This review says it all.

The picture of beach roses was taken on the overlook at the Chatham lighthouse. Those two fellows are my son and hubby whose love is my ballast, my safe harbor.

P.S. I feel compelled to warn would-be readers that this book contains some hard stuff, though I acknowledge that perhaps my susceptibility to undertows colors my take. (Did I over-work the ocean/shore imagery here ? :o)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Love Squirrels

I saw some rustling in the oak tree above my patio. Hmmm. Those don't look like oak leaves.

That's not a musical instrument he's playing - it's my geranium. (Click for a better look)

"Needs a little salt."

"What's for dessert?"

I'm headed to Cape Cod with my hubby for a long vacation. I wanted to leave my blog with a little levity on the front door stoop. Things have been hectic here and I miss dropping in on all my favorite blogs. I'll be checking in when we're settled in Chatham. Happy Solstice, friends!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Journey The Heart Takes

Several older women were touring our local botanical gardens yesterday. I followed them. These pictures were taken through my car's windows. I hoped they would forgive me for the invasion of their privacy.

Some elderly are able to maintain a more outward-looking attitude as they age. Others dwell inward. Who can say why we are as we are? (Go ahead and 'click'. She's so cute photographing the flowers).

This is the way I'd like to age. Moving forward. Eyes open. Seeking beauty.

This dear little lady never looked up at the statue of a mother dancing with her child.

I wanted to go to her and wrap my arms around her frail shoulders.

I've been a little melancholy this Spring. The aging brain? The number '60'? The inevitable contrast between one's creaky body and the unrestrained suppleness in the garden, trees, ponds and sky? Possibly. I imagine it's a bit of everything and it probably colors my observations.

But, really. Whether or not it was merely my melancholy that whispered that these images needed to be recorded - I love them.


Friday, June 01, 2007

Taking a Break

You know that the birding is winding down when you see binoculars pointed at a birder's toes. What a sad state of affairs. I couldn't have posted this picture in good conscience if this fellow hadn't covered his face. I just love the way he's so uninhibited. Gals - how many of you could sprawl on a picnic table like this for any amount of money? Maybe it's just me that's all hung up?

Anyway, now we have to ferret out the nesting birds and content ourselves with peony bloom, cumulus clouds that are producing less rain then we'd like and the endless job of tugging away at those audacious weeds that are so much easier to uproot after a good soaking.

Like Lynne at Hasty Brook - I'm taking a break, but will continue to check in on all my fellow bloggers. (Happily - Lynne is back:0) I'm betting a lot of us are feeling the multiple pulls of family obligations, yard work, travel plans and the need to be outside basking in gratitude for having that long winter behind us. Hmmmm?

It's so great to have the windows open.