Saturday, June 30, 2007

Just a Question

There's always activity at the fish pier in Chatham. Commercial fishing boats unload fish by the sloppy buckets-full. I turn my eyes toward other sights like the Corps of Engineer's dredging barge, the seals, the barrier islands across the harbor.

I knew what this fellow was dragging across the parking lot to the fish store. I'd seen him unloading the lobsters from a boat, minutes earlier.

This was their last contact with sea air and freedom - a last ocean water bath.

As I looked up at this sign I felt a little twinge.

The Gray Seals hang around the fish pier. Look at those eyes. What is he saying? What is he asking? (OK. I know you characters out there are going to say he's thinking "Throw me some chum, please.") (Click on that picture and tell me I'm wrong!) My hubby and I just felt sad looking at that face. Do seals feel? I guess we're just getting old.

And then he went below, trailing mystery - leaving behind only a few ripples and an unasked question.

PS: I promise to stop posting these melancholy existential posts. Maybe :0)


Laurie said...

You always have a hard time with the circle of life, don't you dear lady?

Many hugs,

KGMom said...

I think the gray seal looks old and wise. But it has to eat, too, and seafood is its specialty.
I personally don't like the idea of catching & cooking lobsters. How did that ever get started?

Cathy said...

You read me so well. Sending hugs your way, too :o)

I like your take - old and wise. I agree - someone must have been very hungry to look at these critter and think 'food'.

LauraHinNJ said...

I don't eat lobster, maybe that's why I feel especiaaly bad for them.

The seal is very handsome and wise looking, I agree. He does look sad, too.

Anvilcloud said...

There's a real sadness to what we do, how much we take ... and take.

Laura said...

No, no, no... please don't stop the "melancholy existential posts", at least when it is what is real for you. I am feeling grateful today for your admission of resonance on my own melancholy gigglefern post. Who knows? Maybe it is exactly what someone out here needs to read to not feel alone with their own sad thoughts.

Cathy said...

Laura -
I've never even tasted lobster. Not even inclined. What's that all about?
Maybe wisdom is naturally accompanied by a bit of sadness.

AC -
'Take and take' - a whole universe of discussion, there.

Laura -
Perhaps you're right. Perhaps it's ok to acknowledge the shadow side of life. The knowledge that we are not the only ones navigating uncharted shoals is comforting.

Larry said...

You had me at the lobster!

-The Seal is happy-I have some experience communicating with seals.-He's just trying to evoke sympathy from you-Don't fall for it!

Mary said...

I agree with Laurie - the circle of life haunts you. It haunts me, too.

You're such a sensitive soul and I love you for it.

The seal was communicating with you, Dear. Yes, he was.

As much as I love eating Maryland Steamed Crabs, I will not EVER watch...

Body Soul Spirit said...

I have to admit I love lobster, but I have never cooked one. The last time I went to the Canadian east coast, it was all I ordered. Our dog had the same look as that seal when we picked him at the pound. He looked like Precious Moments figurine. But as soon as we took him to the car, he perked up. Larry is right. Animals can evoke our sympathy!

burning silo said...

Well, as you know, being a vegetarian, the idea of eating any sea creatures doesn't appeal to me. Better to leave them in the sea for the seals! And yes, the seal does look sad, but probably as Larry has commented, it is hoping for someone to take pity on it and toss it a snack. I often think that of the very plaintive cries of gulls that wander around parking lots near fast food stands. They are the saddest sounding gulls in the world (and probably the fattest and with the highest cholesterol levels too!). As for the circle of life and touch of melancholy, I believe it goes with being observant. Again, the artist's eye sees all -- sometimes a little more than is well.

Casey said...

That seal is probably just wondering what the look in your eyes was saying... ?