Monday, July 31, 2006

Snow . . . . ?

Remember the white crystalline stuff that you thought would never ever yield to Spring? Today, it almost looks good. This little wren I photographed in February commiserated through the patio doors. This week, those same doors have been foggy with condensation because we've got the air-conditioner battling the sweltering air on the other side. I'd hate to have to choose between these two temperature extremes. I wonder, a lifetime of 12' above or 90' and high humidity?


Bonita said...

The temperatures in New York today (Wednesday) will get up to 105 in Central Park, and in the confinement of the city, with its pavement and tall buildings, it may well reach 120. I hope everyone is careful and prepared...and I wish all the little birds a flight to cool mountains that have a clear, bubbling brook.

What good fortune to have greeted this little bird.

Anvilcloud said...

Somewhere I have a picture of a hummer fluffed up like that. It was in May, but it was quite cold that day.