Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Gray Days in Ohio

There is no sun in northwest Ohio today. The skylights on the back porch are no brighter than my laptop screen. After so many days of slab gray, a sunbeam striking the tops of the bare trees beyond my window would fill my heart with hope. But, like the rest of nature in this winter-locked land, I'll wait. Click Thoreau to pass some time musing about the wisdom that may come of watching a sunrise, listening and waiting.


ddessner said...

It is bleaker than bleak these days, but it is exactly the way it is here, almost all winter long. It is as perfectly local a phenomenon as the sunny, clear days of June. Ying and Yang, day and night, winter and summer. I like waiting for the inevitable turn of the tide, my golf game is getting much better in my head with each passing day spent hitting balls in the indoor, inflatable dreary, grey dome.

Great blog Kath, we like it lots, Dan and Jonna

Cathy said...

Thanks, Dan. If one has to be indoors, blogging is a rather pleasant diversion. I'm pleased you're enjoying it. Please drop in again:)