Monday, November 12, 2007

November 12, 1961

Today is my sister Jen's birthday. This picture of her helping our son learn to walk - is one of my treasured possessions.

Jenny has always been a serious observer of life. Her keen intellect and insight can make a conversation or an afternoon fly. I think she must be about two, here. I spent a few nights alone in my mother's home while Mom was in ICU. I photographed her picture wall. These photographs kept me company during some long evenings.

Jen matured into a thoughtful, lovely young woman. She graduated from OSU - moved to Colorado, graduated at the top of her class in EE, then married a great man with whom she is raising their two daughters. Did I say how pleased I am for her successes - how proud I am?

These are Jen and Len's cherished girls, Laura and Kate.

I'm so proud to be her big sister. I like to think that my love for her might have contributed in a small way to the person, wife and mother she has become. Yep, that's a big sister's prerogative - to bask in the light that is her kid-sis. Happy Birthday, Jenny.



Mary said...

You certainly did have something to do with it, Delia! What a nice tribute to your sister.

Happy Birthday, Jen!

Mary said...


Your name is not Delia. Please forgive my mistake. I will need to take the phone off the hook and close my office door to keep these creeps from coming in here and asking me questions when I'm commenting on blogs.


threecollie said...

Happy Birthday to her. You are so lucky to have a sister!

Cathy said...

Mary! WhoooHooo! I always wanted a more interesting moniker than plan old 'Cathy' :0D

Daisy-Winifred said...

I suspect you both think you are lucky sisters:0)
A time for presents and the present no doubt.
Enjoy the joy of your sister and know you have been part of that.

If I may mention... a small message needs to appear on your blog now, cough. Love

Jen said...

Please forgive my tardiness - I did respond to Cathy via e-mail, but I have problems with this blog interface that make it difficult to comment.

For those of you who are friends and fans of Cathy, I don't have to tell you what a precious soul she is and what an impact she has on people's lives. I'm just lucky enough to have her as my sister and - perhaps more importantly - my best friend!

Love you, Cathy!

LauraHinNJ said...

Nice to be able to say such sweet things about a sister! Hope her day was happy.

Bonita said...

What a lovely tribute to your sister and her family. She certainly has beautiful dark eyes.

(I'll have to add that I'm the kid sister to my sister by 3 minutes. She never lets me forget this.)

RuthieJ said...

Happy Birthday Jenny! She's very fortunate to have a really nice big sister like you!

Endment said...

We add our wished for a Happy Birthday Jen
I think you are a lucky pair of sisters!

Larry said...

Happy Birthday to your sister Jen and thanks for sharing the family photos.

Pam said...

Having just rediscovered two sisters, I can totally appreciate this post! Happy birthday to yours and love to you.

NatureWoman said...

Happy Birthday to Jen! What a nice tribute Cathy.