Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Joy in the Rain

The rain pattered on my windshield. The park visitors ran for their cars. I continued to read the newspaper until I saw the following through my rain-splattered window. She was a football field's length from me. Still, you couldn't miss her joy in rain.

Click on this image. Look into the shadows on the right.

I know what she's thinking. Was I ever so young? So purely innocently happy? Perhaps, not. But this child's rain-induced joy is enough for this day.

Update: OK. It was a little projection when I identified that figure in the shade as a crop-haired old woman. Sheesh. Looks like a kid of the male variety:0)



Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Your photos left me with a lighter heart and a smile on my face.
Pure sweet joy.

threecollie said...

Sweet, delightful photos. I remember being delighted by rain without thunder when were small...running around in grandma's back yard slipping and sliding on the wet grass. I am always delighted to see a post from you...and always listening closely if someone beeps from the Thruway. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Cathy said...

Sweet Lynne.

I knew this would resonate with you. You're so sweet to say so.

I hope your summer has had some renewing rumbles and pitter-patting on your roof.

Three Collie

( is it Mary Ann? Marion? - I feel like we're old friends and I should know:0)

I did! I did beep! When we went by in late June it was in a DOWNPOUR, but on our return on July 19 I honked.

I should have given you a heads up, but things had been a little hectic.

And on the matter of rain: Dang. I need to splash through some puddles in my bare feet. Haven't done that in years.

You're so sweet to keep checking in on me. Thank you ________.

Please fill in the blank ;0)

bev said...

This is such a terrific series of photos! You get such great shots of people doing things. Hope you're having a good summer. I don't know if you've been by my blog, but the farm is sold now and I'll be leaving to go west and then south in about a week. As the summer is almost over, I decided not to try to find another place -- maybe in the spring. It feels strange to be getting ready to leave for the last time, but it also feels somehow "right".

Laurie said...

What a sweet post, thank you.

KGMom said...

You absolutely catch the joy of rain with the water sprites.

I take it your blogging schedule is one blog every two months?!

I miss you.

Mary said...

Beautiful. Lovely. Miss you!


Laurie said...

Just stopped by to see how you were. I hope you are doing well. Miss you.