Friday, January 08, 2010

How we suffer and yet . . .

how we burn with love, wonder, tenacity.

Having abandoned my fellow bloggers for months, I finally screwed up the courage to return to people's lintels.

Pam, from Mind Trips, has been suffering from Lou Gehrig's Disease as did my beautiful father. As an artist, she turned to her computer to maintain her ability to express her love of life.

I was honored to have her use one of my photos to create the serene vision above.

Pam has not posted since March.

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bev said...

That's such a beautiful image. I have been wondering about Pam too. Yes, how we burn with love, wonder, tenacity.

Cathy said...

Oh, Bev.

Hello, my friend.

I hope you and the pups are squinting into a lovely, warm Arizona sun.


bev said...

The Arizona sun is a good place to be.

Anvilcloud said...

At some point I went back and posted a comment wishing her well or some such but got no reply.

Cathy said...

Hi AC,

Yes, I know. And now I find that Tammi, her friend, from Every Day Warrior has stopped posting.

KGMom said...

Cathy--I too have wondered about Pam. I check her place periodically, but nothing.
Oh dear, now you say her friend Tammi has also stopped posting.
ALS is such a cruel disease. I do fear the worst.

Cathy said...

Oh Donna!

Hello my friend. I will be over to visit as I work my way from door to door.

This time of year . . . the facts of these brave women's struggles . .

I could sure use some sunshine.

So good to see you here and know that you are sailing along into the New Year.

threecollie said...

What incredible talent...what a lovely picture...and what sadness..I am so sorry

Laurie said...

I have stopped over at Pam's many times to see if she has updated. She created a picture of Cousin Dale out of one of my photos and I had it framed. It is one of my most cherished possessions.

I love and miss you.

Cathy said...

Three Collie -

Yes, she was talented and brave. And you know, when a blog stops with no further posts from anyone . .
well, visitors turn away haunted by the unanswered questions.

This is uncharted territory, but I'm inclined, now, to think that we bloggers might consider leaving instructions to family members in the event we cannot continue posting.

Cathy said...


Gosh, honey - it's so good to see you here.

Perhaps you'd mentioned that Pam did a picture of Dale on your blog - I'd forgotten. I'll never forgot your steadfast support of him as he battled for his life. Never.

I hope you and Wolf are well and that whatever path you're on - that you are content.

Sending you love and a hug,

Mary said...

Hi Dear Cathy!

Just stopping by to say HI.


Cathy said...

Sweet Mary,

Always a bittersweet moment to see your footprints walking away from my door when I wasn't there to welcome you in :0)

Sending love and hug.

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