Saturday, August 28, 2010

Is it just me . .?

. . . or has something happened - something seriously troubling - to the culture?

Gentle reader. The question is really rhetorical. Your experience of the current culture is warmly welcomed. But having been absent from your blogs, I've developed a well-earned sense of unworthiness that requires that any silliness or occasional seriousness that floats to the surface here . . . anticipates only that it records one aging woman's momentary musings. Don't feel compelled to comment.

I know that we can agree that it's an interesting, crazy, confusing world.

Recently someone advised that one must hope to age 'gracefully'. I considered this advice. My response. Good luck with that.

Given the human condition it occurs to me that only a well-exercised sense of humor is of real value in facing the rigors of decline.

Humor, and of course, the happy associations of good friends and family.

The gal pictured above and a group of similarly clad women whose license plate you see - were all recorded during one morning. They were miles apart.

Humor, my friends. If you don't laugh you may find yourself crying.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I ALWAYS wear wedgie, zip-up-the-heel stilettos with my favorite hot pink short skirt thingy.


Keep on laughing Cathy. It beats the alternative. It's a choice (for the most part) to smile or not. I try to smile.

Miss you-

threecollie said...

It all gave me a good chuckle anyhow...and since I was never so very graceful in the first place I am not expecting age to be any different than the rest. Aging at all is quite an accomplishment when you think about it. Hope you are well and sorry we didn't manage to meet this summer.

Cathy said...

Sweet Lynne.

You, my friend, maintain your status as a THE Number One Hoot :-)

And you don't have to try to smile.

You are a smile.

Miss you, too.

I'll be stopping by . . .

Oh TC . . .

Honey! I can't speak to your physical grace (as in co-ordination) .. .

but your writing indicates that you, my friend -

are graceful.

In every sense of the word :-)

LauraHinNJ said...

I sorta like the stripper shoes with that unflattering skirt...

; )

walking in the rain said...

i like your blog, thank you post the articles! i will be back with you have new post!

Cathy said...

Laura . . .

Bwaahahahahhah . ..

Well, you'll have to convince my husband who tonight demanded that I post something new to rid my blog of those shoes and that skirt.

Thanks for dropping by :0)

Just Plain Tired said...

You know, those high heels are quite... um... fetching with those shorts -- (in an alternate universe I'd imagine.)