Saturday, June 09, 2012

From the Ridiculous to the Sublime

These pictures were taken the same day.  In the AM I encountered the 'curious' business acronym at the gas station and later that afternoon my brother recorded my butterfly kiss as the winged-one apparently was enjoying the minerals in the suntan lotion I'd just applied. 


threecollie said...

Big grin, such a cool thing to have the flutterby that way.

Keith Wilson said...

Beautiful picture.
How did you take the photo?

Anvilcloud said...

A lovely moment -- or five.

Cathy said...

Yes, TC . . my brother and sister-in-law where agape. None of us had ever kissed a butterfly. Truly once in a lifetime. We were all gah-gah :)

Hey KD. Thanks, sweetie. Bob took my cell phone and happily was able to figure it out and capture a few precious moments.

AC! So good to see you here. Yes, my friend . . . a few very precious moments. Hope you and Cuppa and adorable little one (s) having a lovely summer. As you've guessed . . . I just don't get around the blogosphere. So much going on in this sandwich generation.

Anonymous said...

Came here from FL 390, lovely blog you've got.

Profane, or vulgar? I ask because I think of profane as involving something worth holding in reverence, while vulgar is pretty much something that is unsurprising when talking about towing company operators

Mike James

Cathy said...


Ahahahaha! Wonderful word dissection :) And yes -one would have to stretch to profane a tow truck.

Perhaps I should have gone for "Ridiculous to the Sublime."

I was still tipsy from that butterfly kiss and lost my verbal balance.

Thanks for taking the time to ponder and comment.

Laurie said...

Wow, love the butterfly kisses.

June said...

Thank you for your sweet comment at Aging Gratefully. Clearly you are another animal lover, a kindred soul.
Isn't it just a blessing to have a butterfly spend a few minutes on some part of you? (No matter if it's for the minerals or just to . . . commune.)

Cathy said...


Yes, a kindred spirit.

We are fellow-sojurners. Even spiders inspire my curiosity if not my love :)

I prefer butterfies on my palm.

Thank you for stopping by.