Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Seeing "Red" (Through a winter window )

                            Whaaaaaaa . . . .?   MORE SNOW ?


                      Snow-powdery Cheeks on Mrs. Cardinal

                                Misery and Company

                                   Foul (fowl :) Weather Friends

Hope you're all staying cozy.   {{Shiver}}
  Spring is coming . . . the cardinal's song says it's so !



Rev. Paul said...

I love seeing cardinals in the snow: brings hope of the spring to come!

Jonna said...

Yes, the Cardinals were singing here, too - even before the end of the snowstorm. Amazing. Beautiful pics!

Cathy said...

Oh yes Rev. Paul . . . And if you'd heard his song this morning . . . it left now doubt: Winter's grip cannot hold . .

Thank you Jonna! What a lovely morning. I have the cleanest driveway in Lincoln woods. Just couldn't stay inside. All that and a cardinal singing during snowfall.

threecollie said...

Oh, Cathy! So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Beautiful
Now have the sleeping squirrel beside a dozing cardinal....

Cathy said...

Thanks Marianne!
I just sit back in my desk chair and point and shoot.
The feeder is right there. And that evergreen catches the snow and birds - just right :)

Cathy said...

Well . . . thank you "Anonymous" . . . I fear I'd have to use a dart gun on one of 'em to effect that precise arrangement :)

Stephen said...

You, pretty lady, take a fine picture. I just might steal one for a header on my blog....might. If I do I'll give you full credit. But then again I'm kinda sneaky don't 'ya know.

Well done. Beautiful.

Cathy said...

Oh Stephen!

You sweet thing . . :)

Steal away.

And thank you.

Larry said...

Cardinals and snow belong together. One complements the other-very nice Cathy!

Cathy said...

Thanks Larry.
You're right. You can hardly miss with that combination.