Friday, March 28, 2014

The Phoebe has returned to central Ohio . . .


   Can Spring - truly - be just over the rise?

 He sounds a little frazzled, but after this long winter - who isn't ?

   And he sat pretty for me as I recorded his plumage & "song'.


threecollie said...

Forgot to comment yesterday after I clicked off to watch your video and listen to that so-very-springy song. Congratulations on hainge a true spring bird! The closest we have come so far are grackles and red-winged blackbirds, but after the winter you folks have had you deserve at least a phoebe. Heck a flamingo would not be overkill, really. Take care.

Cathy said...

A flamingo!
We used to see more of them in Ohio.
The pink plastic ones in front yards :)

As for spring . . . back on hold. . . . by morning we'll have at least 4 inches of white stuff here in Loudonville.

Larry said...

I'm overseeing my cousin Larry's blog until he returns.I don't know what a phoebe is but like the colorful photos beneath it.-Bob

Cathy said...

Sure hope Larry made it back OK.
One has to be veeerrry careful when getting lost in the wilderness of April Fool's Day jokes.
Welcome home, Larry.