Sunday, November 09, 2014


Ask anybody who knows me.  I'm a softie.   

Doggone it.

That red squirrel that I posted about.  Yes, the one eating the scarecrow.  

Doggone it.  

 Well, we've heard noise in our bedroom wall and scurrying in the upstairs ceiling.

Doggone it. 

 Found the hole he's chewed into the soffit beside the chimney.
Now I know where he put the scarecrow's clothes.

Poopie :(  The wildlife troubleshooter is coming in the morning.

Taken this morning as he basked in the fading November sun.

Doggone it.




threecollie said...

Trust a rodent to do the wrong thing. Alas.

julie said...

They're cute, but they sure can be trouble!

Rev. Paul said...

Squirrels have a well-deserved reputation as vandals & nuisances of the highest order.

Sorry you are the one being vandalised.

Cathy said...

Faithful commenters :)

Well . . . the critter control guy looked up into our attic/crawl space and said it looks neat as a pin . . so it seems the little fella has only gotten as far as the soffit.

A little roof patch and things should be ok.

Anonymous said...
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