Sunday, February 01, 2015

A Fish Story. Heron versus Osprey. Heron Wins In First Round.

That's the tip of the Great Blue Heron's wing jutting into the left side of the picture.  He wanted that fish.
This is one of those pixes you always regret not capturing.
The heron is hot pursuit of the osprey.  That's the osprey's wing in the upper right.
     The osprey lands to eat his fish.  The heron approaches.
   The heron gives him "The Look" and the osprey flees.
                                             THE LOOK



Amazingly,  he could still fly with that lump in his throat.


threecollie said...

This is the most incredible series of photos!! Great captures!

julie said...

Truly amazing!

Jonna said...

Yes - amazing! It pays to always have that camera in hand.

Cathy said...

Thanks Marianne! But, as you know - unlike some people I know - I have to leave home to get great nature pictures :)

Julie :) Thank you! Have to admit. I was really pleased.

Thank you Jonna! Oh yeah! And about a half hour ago I missed a great sequence when a bald eagle landed in front of us. I'd been filming it at a distance so was on telephoto. When the danged thing flew practically to our feet to retrieve something a kid had just thrown. I missed it all :)

Larry said...

Wow! Talk about the right place at the right time-amazing! Good job capturing those photos.

Cathy said...

Larry! Missed your comment.
Thank you :)

Larry said...

I've seen Osprey and Herons going at it a little at the heron rookery where ospreys were nesting as well.