Saturday, February 18, 2006

Expressing 'Being'

In the WSJ this morning, Stuart Isacoff wrote the following:

Philosopher Martin Buber said of art in his masterpiece, 'I and Thou' , that the creation of great art involves both a sacrifice and a risk. The sacrifice is the endless possiblility offered up on the altar of form: Like a prophet the artist labors to bring down to earth the beauty of the eternal, unseen worlds. The risk arises because true artistic expression must be uttered by the whole self, with no protective buffer against the world.

Do you know any of these courageous folk? It is to be sincerely hoped. I've encountered a few. Precious, indeed.


Anonymous said...

Gosh to be linked in the company of Buber is rather gobsmacking but also made me smile at the understanding:0) Thank you for the connection that has nothing to do with blogs or philosophy but all about heart. D-W

Cathy said...

Great word! "Gobsmacking". In 'Googling' it, I also discovered the British sense of the word "Bonk" - Oops. Here, it was only intended to indicate the audible percussive effect of an UFO on an unprotected noggin :0)