Sunday, February 19, 2006


I tossed some bread at the foot of a tree
Who then by stealth threw it back at me!
(Truly! For proof please read the previous post and CLICK on the right hand picture for the "end of the tail":0D

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Anonymous said...

Oh this really made me laugh in recognition. The queue here is highly marshalled by the sparrows whose loud outbusts of indignation when someone pushes to the front blot out even the noise of passing traffic on the road below the cottage. The squirrel has actually earnt to wait now till the smaller birds have had their breakfast though there is an ongoing tussle between it and the crows over the fat ball.
Glad the UFO didn't dislodge your glasses nor your nose for that matter.
Till I clicked on the photo I thought it was some huge furry cattapillar.