Friday, March 31, 2006


Blogs from around the world are noting spring's arrival. Latitudinally-lower luckies! Northwest Ohio is sloooowly thawing and seems a little reluctant to doff it's winter undies. True, the possum is nesting under the shed - you can see the divot created by her comings and goings. The robin is singing sweetly, the Carolina Wren is in full rollicking voice, but there's very little for the eyes. To compensate, I've festooned windows and tables with ceramic hope and tinfoil prayer. You'll note looking past the windsock-bunnies gamboling in the 'save-the-birds-from-the-window' clover, that there's very little spring in my oak woods. Then feast your eyes on my little niece Katie and you'll see that spring is sprung just a little further south :0)

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Bonita said...

Oh, I'm so glad I've not missed this post. Have you noticed that many families are posting little spring angels? Yours here, is one. And, it looks like you are ready for Easter...

I had to find you through Anvilcloud's posts, Cathy, as I lost your blogname! I guess I should do links, then I'd not run into that problem.