Friday, March 10, 2006

The Sonoran Desert Museum

Yikes! Click HERE to see the Ornate Tree Lizard

Unidentified lovely

Cactus Wren click - Here! Gambel's Quail - Here!

View of dust devils from Gates Pass - Tuscon, Arizona

Mojave Rattlesnake

It's all about survival - so apparent here at the Sonoran Desert Museum - more evident than any place I've ever been. The drought has severly stressed the environment and the birds are not laying eggs this spring and there are no baby rabbits. Still, life persists in all its amazing, lovely and fearsome forms.


S11 Republican said...

Amazing photos Mom! And I see your webpage skills are now complete - good job with all the links!

Bonita said...

Thanks for visiting my site, Cathy, and for offering such an insightful comment. My husband and I have visited the Sonoran Desert Museum when we visited Tucson a few years ago. We enjoyed it.