Friday, April 21, 2006

Get Over Yourself

To achieve a little balance I walked in the botanic gardens today. This robin was seriously distracted by his reflection in the window pane. All this self-regard was giving him a serious case of nerves. He finally tired of it and flew away to find a worm amidst the compost piles. ( I missed the certified letter from the poetry contest while catching these pixes :0D


Anvilcloud said...

We once had a robin who would continually fly from the fence into our kitchen window. And there was another who did the same with our patio doors.

Bonita said...

Oh, these are such nice photos, Cathy...we are on the same wavelength, appreciating all of life's little ones, and wishing them the happiest Spring.

Laura said...

I love these images, Cathy. Beautiful!