Friday, April 14, 2006

Toad Soup

The American toad is celebrating spring in the pond at TBC. Busy trying to capture toad anatomy, I almost missed the picture of another spring phenomenon - a youngster's curiosity. I later learned this young man's name - Ivan. I suppose the toad was afraid he might get 'terrible' treatment, but they parted company as friends. Ivan clambored back into spring exploration and the toad hopped back into a soup of trilling DNA.


Bonita said...

I've got a jar of salamander eggs that I'm studying - they are doing great, and the little ones are twisting and jerking inside the eggs.

Cathy said...

Isn't it a little . . . how can I say this? Hmmm. What are your feelings as you watch these beginnings - these first stirrings of mindless life? I'm a bit low. I just discoverd that something has died under my deck and only the stench and blow flies mark its passing. Sorry, Bonita. I hope you don't read this. I'll soon be out on the bird trail and feeling a little more in tune with others. :0(