Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Little Coincidence

In Thursday's Queen Anne's Lace post I noticed the suggestion of a shed in the background. Sorting through this year's Cape Cod pictures I found this picture of the Umbrella Walker. It's the same shed, but taken ten years apart. The Queen Anne's Lace was taken with my 35mm camera,this one with my Canon digital. Both were taken at the Fort Hill promontory on Cape Cod, probably the prettiest view on the Cape as at sunset you're high above Nauset Marsh and the town of Orleans. The marsh glows as you look toward the ocean beyond. I was facing inland for these photos. There's the loveliest homestead there and the Captain Penniman House that was built by its namesake, the captain of a whaler.


Bonita said...

I always appreciate a photographer indicating the kind of camera they use. I miss the clarity of my 35mm, an old Pentax. None of the digitals I now take compare to the richness of those images.

Cathy said...

Oh, Bonita - I keep telling myself "Nah, these digitals are just fine" - but, like you - I miss that richness. Drats. Still - it so much fun to play with them - their so deliciously malleable.