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2,996 - Ronald Orsini - victim of 9/11 Attacks

As my eyes fell on the hand placed tenderly on Ronald Orsini's arm and looked into the smiling, happy eyes of his wife, Arlene, my heart broke with the implication of loss - of the hole in her life and her daughter's. Arlene wears a holiday sweater, festooned with snowflakes and a winter scene. Perhaps this picture was taken during the Christmas holiday. I see an aluminum foil covered casserole on her stove and tupper ware containers behind Ron. They were obviously happy and looking forward to the joys of the holiday and as I read below, toward a future that held the promise of grandchilden. On this anniversary of the tragedy of September 11, 2001, I send a ripple through cybersapce that says his name, that says that he was, and that he was loved and will be forever remembered among the victims of that day of unthinkable pain. His grandson Zachary was born Sept.26, 2001. Zachary will never know the reassruing presence of his grandfather or learn how to swing a golf club at his side.

Ronald Orsini
Man misses grandson's birth

Nov. 28, 2001

Ron Orsini groused about the upcoming birth of his first grandchild. Don't expect him to cancel his golf outings to babysit, he kept telling his wife Arlene.But neither his wife nor his only daughter paid much attention to Orsini's bluster.The man who vowed never to babysit had already bought a crib and video monitoring equipment for when his grandson stayed at his Hillsdale, N.J., home. Zachary Matthew Ronald Pandolfi was born on Sept. 26.Zachary's maternal grandfather died Sept. 11 when a hijacked airliner crashed into the World Trade Center. Orsini, 59, worked as a broker for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 105th floor of the north tower.Arlene, Orsini's wife for 34 years, says her athletic husband would have made a great grandfather."We joked that he would probably have little golf clubs made," she said, "when the baby was born."

--Fred Carroll (Daily Press)

Many people knew that he loved to dance, but not many were aware that he had won many dancing competitions as a boy, or that he had studied ballet.
It's no surprise that the dancing was a surprise to many of his friends. Arlene Orsini, his wife of nearly 30 years, describes him as being "kind of klutzy" when not dancing. "I used to say to him, what would you be like if you hadn't danced ballet."
Ronald Orsini's greatest talent, in his wife's eyes, was his unrelenting optimism. "I'm such a pessimist," she said, "and he would always turn to me and say: `Stop worrying about it. It's not that important.' He just amazed me."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on Sunday, April 7, 2002.


Bonita said...

A lovely tribute and commemoration of one man's life. We never realize the real tragedy of war, of lives lost, dreams shattered. His wife had to turn a corner alone, and his grandchild will only remember a sad day in September that took his Grand-daddy away.

brian said...

Thank you so much for causing this ripple. I too have a ripple named Gilbert. They were both family men just living their lives to the best of their abilities.

Please stop by to my tribute and leave a link and comment so that others can come here and read your words.

Thank you for your wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful tribute. Thank you.

And thank you for stopping by my tribute to James Joseph Suozzo.

Cathy said...

Beautifully written. You did him, his life and his family justice. He sounds like a wonderful husband, father and grandfather.

MysteriousLady said...

That is so sad. I'm sure the heavens opened up enough for him to see his newborn grandson.

May we always remember how much some gave, how terrible the loss.

mine is up also.

dmmgmfm said...

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man. How terribly sad that he never got to hold his grandchild. Thank you for doing this. My tribute is also up.

TNChick said...

You've written a nice tribute to honor Ronald Orsini. I'm sure he's lookin' down upon the Earth smiling at his grandson and family. May his family be at peace today while the anniversary of 9/11 passes.

I honor FDNY's Peter Beilfeld at my place.

kateandjona said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful tribute.

Jonathon's Closet remembers Robert Levine.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Yes, with you, while researching my 2996 Tribute name (Sgt. Michael Curtin), I was overwhelmed with thoughts of his wife and three children. This project has done an amazing thing--it is keeping the memories and legacies of some really incredible people alive. Sgt. Michael Curtin, a NYPD officer, walked into the Twin Towers that day five years ago on a rescue mission and was recoved several months later in the rubble of Ground Zero. So many lost lives, so many heroes.


KKT said...

what a touching tribute. he sounds like an amazing man.

mine is up at

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

A very lovely tribute to a special man.
One wonders how his dear family is coping now, 5 years later...It cannot be easy...Loss is Loss, no matter how many years go by....and in this case, the loss happened in such a horrible horrific way.
Bless them all.

flaggazer said...

What a beautiful tribute!

We lost so many beautiful souls that day. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Please read my tribute to Major Dwayne Williams who was lost at the Pentagon.

eileen mosca said...

Dear Mr Ronald Orsini Family,
My name is Eileen Mosca and I lost my sister Kathleen Hunt Casey on 911. I will be reading your husband name and i wanted to see each name with a face. I could see he was a wonderfull man. my heart will be with your family on this day. sincerely,Eileen

tiger said...
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Glenn Edwards said...

I am flying a flag at my home in memory of all who were lost and their families on 911. I saw a comment posted by Eileen Mosca and was reminded of her loss as well. I met Eileen in Lafayette La shortly after 911 when I and some friends hosted she and her husband here for some then needed r&r. Eileen if you see this please email me to let me know how you are. I am sorry we lost touch.

Respectfully. Glenn Edwards

Glenn Edwards

Unknown said...

Knew you brother Bob. honoringyou today