Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cheerier Circle of Life Images

Oh, alright - the expression on this Yellow-crowned Night Heron's face isn't exactly cheerful, but the predating Harris Hawk picture on my previous post was getting to me. It isn't exactly warm and fuzzy. The heron isn't a vegetarian, but he doesn't flaunt his prey on the top of a cactus and come to think of it - I don't think I've ever seen one catch or eat anything. Hmmmm. I guess that would explain his lethargic movements. He's got to conserve energy because he's not eating frequently. (Or duh-uh - maybe he really is moving around at night - as in Night Heron.)
The mushroom is definitely an integral part of nature's recycling program. I guess we'd be up to our chins in dead organic debris if not for fungus. Let's hear it for fungus! (That dewy violet seems so improbable this time of year)


KGMom said...

Love the expression on the night heron's face. He looks like he is patiently waiting for you to get your photo!
I am not sure I have ever heard someone cheer for fungus before, but, hey, why not?

Laurie said...

There's a fungus among us?

Love the Heron, Cathy. Did you per chance, take this photo on a Monday? Perhaps he was just dreading his "work" week?

Bonita said...

Your night heron definitely looks contemplative...and patient, too.

Mary said...

Heron's don't scamper unless I clap my hands and shoo one away from my fish.

That's a very pretty bird and your photo is so sharp!

I've learned that fungus is pretty cool!