Thursday, March 15, 2007

Giggle Fern

Years ago I was Googling a poem by Mary Oliver and was led to Laura's blog, "Giggle Fern". Laura lives near Santa Cruz in her 'tree house' with a family of pets and her husband. She has beautiful children who have left the nest but are always near her heart. Laura is busy in a field that I won't be able to define or describe, but I think it has to do with creating wonderful things through computer magic - like art and websites. Laura isn't a daily blogger but when I peruse her posts I'm always moved, enlightened, entertained or just happy to look over her shoulder as she wrests with the daily problems of life. She recently acquired a Danish Swedish Farm Dog - Yep. It's real and you've got to see the pictures.
Check out the corral cams where you can watch the sunlight dappling the backs of her beautiful horses.


Cuppa said...

Thanks for this link Cathy. I have just been over for a visit and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Most days I have a difficult time keeping up with all the blogs I want to read, and I promise myself I won't add any more, but this one is a definite keeper that I will visit again and again.

Laura said...

Cathy, you make my life better! Thank you so much for the kind words about gigglefern. I often joke about my audience of three (mom, sister and daughter) but I know there are a few more out there who lurk! I have lots of new pictures to choose from for a blog post as we are vacationing and just took Dottie for her first canoe trip. She is oh-so-cute in her lifejacket!! It might be a couple of days because though we are camping with an internet connection, battery power is waning quickly! I hope things go well for you and your hubby this week. I'll be back in touch when I am plugged in again.

Laurie said...

What a great site! Thanks Cathy. I hope things are going well for you and your family.


Pam said...

I visited, too, and love her dogs...the picture with the stroller is great!

I have a special fondness for ferns and your photo reminded me of the ferns carpeting our woods here in VT. In spite of the coming storm, they should be peeking through the forest floor soon.

Mary said...

I like Giggle Fern! Thanks for the link, Cathy. I am partial to those who blog about their dogs ;o)

I hope you are doing well!

Bonita said...

I like the webcam feature. It conveys atmosphere and change, which still photos don't. And, I hope she posts something about her canoeing trip! I'll check back.

Sandy said...

Great blog, Cathy! I have looking back at your Arizona trip. Interesting information, and great photos. I will be back here, too.
On my way to visit Giggle Fern!

Patrice said...

Thanks very much, Cathy. I see Laura is a fellow poetry lover and someone who takes time to observe and enjoy our natural world. Reminds me of you!

Best wishes,