Sunday, February 24, 2008

'Light'-ness of Heart

From bed this morning, I watched the moon slip through outstretched arms.

It was briefly captured by a crystal ocean breeze.

We had a rosy dawn courtesy of the Red-bellied tummy.

I recorded fossil creatures emerging from snow banks.

A rat. C'mon, now. Believe.

You do see the rodent, here?

An Alligator . . . ?
(his head is on the right -angled away)

This is the mailman's winter path. Farewell!

I yahooed Spring! to the man with the two dogs whom I've seen walk by for a few seasons but never met. He dropped off his dogs and returned to sit on the porch and visit. I shared my large blanket - it was 25'. After an hour my husband came out to see what was going on. Russ teaches American literature at UT. We covered so many topics I was giddy.
Ah. Spring. . . .


Cuppa said...

Ahhhh, I feel the light in each pic. I also see the rodents! Scurry, scurry, off they go with the snow!!!!

NatureWoman said...

Ah, beautiful light. I saw the rat and alligator, yup, they are there! Hopefully gone now that the sun was out all day.

Dave said...

I like the snow creatures - well spotted! As for imminent spring, I fear you might be right. But don't count March out. The last few years, it's belonged more to winter than to spring, at least here in Pennsylvania.

mon@rch said...

Good ridden to the snow and can't wait for spring to arrive! Love the Red-bellied Woodpecker and great shot of the red on the belly! Keep up with the great shots!

Mary said...

You are light as a feather! Giddy as a schoolgirl!

I saw the rat right away but struggled seeing the alligator.

Good-bye, snow! Hello, neighbor!

It's always a pleasure for me to meet a new neighbor, especially when we have at least one good thing in common.

Cathy said...

Cuppa -

I loved the image you created! That is so sweet . . ."scurry, scurry,off they go with the snow!"

I'm afraid, though - that THEY'RE BAACK . . . as of tonight - LOTS of snow comin'.

Pam -

Yes. Yes! LIGHT! I love that you saw them. THEY'RE gone, but MORE on the way. Dang.

Dave -

Oh! Thank you! I'm always a little concerned when I stick my Rorschachian neck out like that.

Fear not! about imminent Spring. We're going to get 8 inches tonight. Arrghhhhh . . .

Tom -

Thank you! When you approve my bird photography efforts - I'm delighted. Soooo glad you commented on that red belly. I was hoping I'd get an approving nod.

Mary -

Honey! Now get back in there and try for that alligator, again. I added an alligator locater sentence:0)

I'm not as giddy today. Dang. It's soooo gray out there.

I watched Russ pass with his dogs from the confines of my living room. Dang.

Still - that little dream of Spring is glowing in a corner of my heart.

threecollie said...

I see the rat! Cool! Finally saw a robin today so I am replete with joy.

nina said...

Oh, Cathy--
Might want to find a nice 2-day project and avoid TV for the next 24 hours. (there's another storm brewing ang blowing into Ohio--Tuesday)
Opportunities to see more fun stuff!

KGMom said...

I did see a rat--even before you noted it. I had to giggle.
You have been looking at too many clouds.

Cathy said...

Three Collie -

Yes! Joyful. Joyful. A Robin! (Better than my rat:0)

Nina -

Yes - it's goodbye to grass and the Snowdrop's sprouts for a few days.

It can't last, though, and you're right - grab the camera and record old man winter's frayed cloak - still sweeping out beauty as it recedes north.

Donna -

You're dang toot'n I've been looking at too many clouds. I NEED SUNSHINE! We had that beautiful day yesterday and now we're back in gloom.

Hey! You saw the rat, too - so I guess we're both afflicted with vivid imaginations. It's a good thing :0)

Laurie said...

I did see the rodents! I love your creativeness and the playful mood of this post.

So glad spring has started to sprung (lol), in your neck of the woods.

Big hugs,

Cathy said...


You nailed it. I Do feel playful. This is much much better. Thank you:0)

Big hug, honey.

Larry said...

I guess I'm going to have to check in more often-you have positively picked up the pace on your posts-I can see what you mean with the shape of the snow.-I see several other shapes too.

Cathy said...

Larry -
Yes. I suspect that my mood and therefore my energy/creativity is very much affected by the length of the days. I'm back. (I think . . I hope:0)

Glad you saw some snow critters.

Tom said...


Amazing how this picture of the mailman's path reminds me of the front yard of my childhood home looking across the street to my neighbor's house. The house, the tree, and the light are all spitting images of my old neighborhood. Thanks for sharing and striking up a great memory. Thank you for your comments as well and the link.

Tom @ Ohio Nature

Cathy said...

Tom -

So glad my pictures sparked some pleasant memories. I'll be so glad when this winter is just a distant memory:0)