Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I don't mind these snowy days.
In February they are the bride's flowing cumbersome veil.
It's lovely, but we don't have to trip around in it much longer.

Neighbor Rick is shoveling again this morning.

Our mailman,Dave, has to slog through virgin snow, again.

It's all about texture and light..

The Cardinal warily watches for the hawk.

None of his fellows have hit my windows since the silk forsythia boughs went up.

It looks wintry, but the real forsythia will soon be in bloom.

The light on the kitchen counter yesterday, told the real story.

I'm all aglow.

You call this a snowstorm? It's white. It came from the sky. But . . . it's late February.


Anvilcloud said...

Some great pics. We've had some snow with more coming. Can't shovel these days. Hope Nice Neighbour Lady comes through.

Cuppa said...

Atta girl. Focus on the positive even if you have to squint a bit to do it.
We are snowed under today too, but I still feel a touch of spring in the air. I do!

Cathy said...

AC -

Thank you! I hope N. N. Lady showed up. what a winter! I guess you don't have to tell your back that, eh?

Cuppa -

Yes! There's no denying it. The sap is running, owls have fledglings and the back yard birds are warming up their pipes :0)

Mary said...

...bride's flowing cumbersome veil.

How beautiful. I know people are getting cranky with snow, but, my goodness. No one can deny it's beauty. Just look at that Cardinal...

You live in a wonderland, Cathy. Thanks for sharing your snow with me.

missing the white stuff in NC

threecollie said...

Oh, your cardinal just made me catch my breath...just lovely!!

Ruth said...

I wasn't happy about another snow storm today. But your pictures cheered me up. I have seen enough virgin snow for this season!! If it melts slowly it may make up for last summer which was so dry. There is always a positive spin. Thanks for sharing.

mon@rch said...

I love your use of color in all these shots! Ugg, we got snow today also and it was the heavy snow kind! Yeck for shoveling!

KGMom said...

Cathy--it's beautiful.
I think everyone but we folk here in central PA got lovely snows.
Everyone of our snow storms began with snow--2 inches or so--then switched over to sleet or freezing rain. Of course we had a couple of ice only storms. No big snow--boo hoo. I know, everyone who got all the snow would probably tell me we can keep it.

Patrice said...

So beautiful! I've been waiting all winter for some of that white stuff, but it looks like we won't get it this time. Thanks for sharing yours...

Cathy said...

Mary -
Oh! Thank you for mentioning the 'veil". I liked the imagery and only you said that you did, too:0)

You'll just have to come north for white stuff. My door's always open .. .

Three Collie -
Cardinals do that, don't they? Thank you :0)

Ruth -
Thank you. I'm so happy to cheer you. Yes! Why not a positive spin?! Thank you! for sharing.

Tom -
Thank you. I loved those colors too. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Donnna -
Thank you. I wish you could hear the birdsong outside my door. (I've got a microphone.) Sweet Spring! regardless of ice and snow.

Patrice -
Thank you. Can you always look up to see snow- capped mountains? Beauty always at hand?

NatureWoman said...

Spring. Is. Coming! Yay! I love your photos!

Floridacracker said...

Beautiful views.
That cardinal is very nice.

Travis said...

Wonderful pictures. The snow just won't stop will it. Spring is coming! sometime?

Cathy said...

Pam - We're all going to be giddy in a month or so. I'm glad you liked the pixes. Thank you.

FC -

Thank you. Yep. Nice view, but I'm ready for green. We've more Cardinals than ever before. (despite the Cooper's attempts)

Travis -

Well . . it stopped, but it seems reluctant to go. Brrrrrr. It's 11' out there tonight, but - I've still got Spring in my heart.

Larry said...

Fantastic festval of colors and light in these photos! I think you've read too many poems Cathy-even when your just posting regular sentences it starts to sound like a poem!

Cathy said...

Larry -
So even my prose is poetry, eh?
Get over here and get a hug!

RuthieJ said...

Spring on Sunday and back to winter on Tuesday! You really got dumped on with snow again, Cathy! I guess the only consolation is that it's moisture for the ground plus it's the end of February, so when the sun comes out again, it will melt much faster.
P.S. I loved that cardinal picture--there's nothing prettier than a male cardinal in a snowy landscape, is there?

Cathy said...

Ruthie -

Thanks dear. I'm trying so hard to protect my Cardinals from that drated Cooopers. I'm throwing tons of seed under the Forsythia so that they don't have to perch on the feeders.

Yep. More snow on the way. It CAN'T last. I lived in Denver which only receives 13 inches of rain a year. I missed moisture. I try to remember that during these cloudy, snowy days.