Saturday, April 19, 2008

Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water

Spring has been a little slow arriving.

It's a cliche, but no less, true: It's always darkest before the dawn.

It's the smiles of others that can bring you around. (Particularly if you're out for Woodcock viewing)

The sweet face of my grand-niece, Katie - makes me smile.

The promise of spring is found in the humblest places.

My front yard ducks bring a smile.

Or a sweet niece and nephew lending a hand to their ma and pa.

There's always someone or something out there to help launch your spirits.

Sometimes all you need to do is lift your hat and look around.



Larry said...

Okay I smiling now.Hope all is going well with you-migrants should be heading your way.

Mary said...

Yep. It's true. There's always something to make us smile! Your photos speak volumes, Cathy.

You really have front yard ducks???

I've been thinking of you lately and I'm relieved to be able to comment!


Laurie said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww....I love that hat.

Thank you,

Patrice said...

That last picture is so darned cute! Thanks for the smile.

LauraHinNJ said...

Spring is coming s-l-o-w-l-y to Ohio, I see. Be patient and keep smiling!


Marvin said...

Crossing that bridge into spring with family and friends is good.

threecollie said...

Sweet and always

nina said...

Yes, I'm glad you're seeing it--even if spring is dragging its feet.
Finding the joy in the simplest of things--so satisfying--and such a promise to carry with you.

Anonymous said...

Woodcocks rock! Had a lot of fun that night, cheered me up big time.

Pam said...

Front yard ducks, very cool. We have resident crows who have been doing acrobatic flying in an effort to mate.

Spring has been hard-pressed to make it this year, we are just coming out of 5 1/2 months of winter. But today the windows are open and a soft, warm breeze wafts through my house.

Wonderful pictures, the hat is great.

Tammy said...

The hats are just too cute but certainly not as cute as that cherub. Beautiful shots Cathy!

We got carried away by planting early when winter reminded us he is not gone yet!

Todd Camplin said...

I like the nature shots.

Anonymous said...


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zhakee said...

I'm happy you have signs of spring. I like green, the more of it the better! Your ducks are sweet.

KGMom said...

I see I am late to the spring fest.
Sorry. End of semester, too wrapped up in grading research papers.
Love that grand-niece. She's a real cutie.
And, I see you too liked the Simon & Garfunkel song. I used to play that for students decades ago.

Pam said...

Checking back in, and happy to say Spring is here!

Patrice said...

Cathy, Check out this online literary journal. It made me think of you. I suspect you have poetry to offer:

Take care,

Anonymous said...

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