Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Poem On Winter's Departure

Deer hooves left muddy splashes as they crossed the brook.

Tracks indicated that someone made it home to safety . . .

. . after a narrow escape


With winter's leaving

we will not see as clearly

where the deer stepped across the brook,

where the rabbit spun

toward home.

We will not remember

so clearly

the ice that climbed the broken stalks

and sparkled from a tuft of fur.



threecollie said...

Your photographs awe me every single time...and give me something to shoot for as I learn how. They are really inspiring. This has been such a crazy busy week I have missed a lot of posts on all my favorite blogs.
And even though the snow is lovely, I sure wish it would melt. Yesterday was so very tantalizingly warm...back in the freezer today.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what TC said. LOL.

Gorgeous moments here!

You do have a book planned, right??


farmlady said...

Really lovely!!:the photos and the poem. You must love winter. Even though the snow is cold you make it's leaving something to be missed... something that will be thought about until it returns.
Connie at overgoodground.blogspot.com

dan d said...

Very fine poem.

Mary said...

Simply wonderful, Cathy. What an incredible narrative and poem.

I miss snow tracks and trails...but this morning I saw raccoon tracks in the dew on the back porch...


nina said...

I love your poems!

Funny, but as we lost snow cover, I had much the same regret--having enjoyed the recording in snow of what I had not seen.

I see a forecast of 65 degrees for Sunday--get your walking shoes ready!

Anonymous said...

Great post Cathy, almost made me want winter back!
Love the photos and the ones in the post before this.

Did you do the photos or the poem first? The words are just perfect for the photos.

Tammy said...

I lovved this Cathy! April is poetry month, what a great start!

LauraHinNJ said...

Beautiful! Thanks for almost making me wish winter wouldn't go.


RuthieJ said...

Neat pictures of what you noticed in the snow Cathy. Did you write the poem yourself?
You are so talented!

Cathy said...

3 Collie -

Thank you. And HEY! You're getting some gorgeous pixes with that Sony Cybershot. I'm headed over to your blog shortly and I hope I see crocus bloomin' in the snow:0)

Freste2715 -

Thank you. I just hope to get a poem published. I just need to 'get them out there' as my hubby says.

Farm lady -

Thanks so much. It's funny. Theses pixes were taken during the only 2 or 3 winter walks I took. I didn't have any impulse to get out in it - until - I knew it was just about over.

Dan -

Thank you. I was hoping you'd approve.

Mary -

Thank you, dear. It's so interesting. I've seen raccoon prints in dew, also. But that was in Florida. We won't have dew, here - for . . oh, . . maybe another gazillion days ;0)

Big hug,


Thank you, my southern Ohio friend, but we won't see 65' for . . .(see above comment;0)

You inspired me to get out there and record some of winter's magic, rather than cursing the cold from the warm side of my living room window.

Sandy -

Thank you :0) You already know how much I enjoy and admire your creativity.

Tammy -

Yes, my fellow poet! Let the words sing out! I love your poems. Thanks so much :0)

Laura -

Thank you. I'm glad we agree that we've had enough; enough crystalline beauty to last for a very LONNNNGGGGG time :0D

Ruthie -

Thank you so much. Yep. The poem is mine. It just fell together after that lovely walk.

Larry said...

Cathy the poet is at it again!-don't worry-I won't forget all that winter brings.-Nice photos to go along with a nice poem.

mon@rch said...

I am so ready for nature to be leaving! Great poem, I love this!

Pam said...

Your photographs are so beautiful, stories caught in the snow then described in a poem. This is a lovely post.

Cathy said...

Larry -

Yep, it's a hard habit to break. I do love stringing words together. I'm glad you liked my poem and pixes. Thanks :0)

Tom -

I smiled when I saw the way you inadvertently exchanged 'nature' for 'winter'.

You're the last person who'd be OK with 'nature' leaving :0)

Pam -

Thanks, so much . . . I'm always pleased when your artist's eye approves my compositions.

Floridacracker said...

Damn fine.
A look at what we lack.

Cathy said...

FC -

Thanks so much.

My friend - you lack for damn little.
In every area of your rich life. Damn little.

Patrice said...

Cathy, That was beautiful. I especially loved the last line. If you haven't, you should think of submitting this one.