Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shrugging It Off

It's time to turn over a new leaf. We're ready for new leaves.

The garden angel is tired of her ermine hat and shawl.

All winter she's shared her cape with the Virginia Creeper that crept beneath it for shelter.

I envy her her patience.

We've all been clinging to thoughts of Spring.

Through the cold and snow - some of us have retained a rosey countenance.

Some of us have just been able to shrug it off.

Getting tired of shrugging? Do click the pix :0)

Had enough, yet?



Anvilcloud said...

Although we expect some snow tonight, it will reach into the 40's tomorrow, and it will also rain, so we will lose more than we will gain. I think we're really on our way. We may even reach the low 50's on Tuesday.

mon@rch said...

I am so ready for the snow to disappear and new leaves to start growing! They are talking maybe our temps will melt most of our snow over the next day or two!

bev said...

Even though I am *tired* of looking at snow, those are beautiful photos, Cathy.

Marvin said...

Methinks even your statuary is beginning to look longingly toward the south.

RuthieJ said...

I've had enough, Cathy! I put my snowboots in the closet last weekend and I'm not getting them out till next November!

Pam said...

I've been going back over your blog as I try to catch up with everyone, and you have wonderful pictures here. Some fun, some beautiful. But I can honestly say that I have seen all the white I care to for some time. We are breaking records for cold and for snow here in Vermont and, yes, I've had enough!

Laurie said...

This really is a neat post, Cathy. You have a very unique way of expressing yourself through words and photos. Thank you.


Mary said...

Got the message... Those boots need to be wiped off and put away. Real soon!

Tammy said...

Your photography is fantastic!

Larry said...

You are one of a kind when it comes to the way you view things-You also express it well with a combination your simple but efective combination of words and photos.-You are able to say a lot using just a few words.