Sunday, March 16, 2008

Four Hour Difference

We're back home. We're back on the couch. We're trying not to turn the TV on. We're _________ (fill in the blank): 1.) sick of winter 2.) sick of winter
3.) Sick of winter
or 4.) All of the above.



Anvilcloud said...

Mmmm ... must have been grand. Come up here for a real winter though. More snow expected this week.

Patrice said...

Hope you enjoyed a warm and restful vacation! Spring will come for you--soon! Hang in there!

mon@rch said...

I know exactly how you feel and I would say choice 4! LOL great photos!

Anonymous said...

I usually visit the blog of 3collie but noticed that you could certainly use some of the California 72' days we're having.
Gorgeous pics!

Now where did I put my barbecue tongs and sunblock?

The Texican said...

Love the progression. It was 100 degrees here yesterday. Today it cooled down to ninety three with a stiff southerly breeze. Just seven miles from Mexico as the Crow flies.

Mary said...


I can picture you with the camera against the airplane's window... LOL! Those are amazing shots of snow and ice below to green! Glad you are back home. I enjoyed the Cowboy photo - looks like a nice keepsake for two good men.

Spring will come to you in about two days because I said so.

Thanks for sharing that lovely poem today :o)


LauraHinNJ said...

Jeez... here I was thinking you were going away from all that ice and snow to the beautiful desert!

Where were you? Will you send me directions?


KGMom said...

You got some funky aerial photos there. Any idea what the one was with all the circles. I have seen photos of crop circles, but snow circles?

Cathy said...

Hi all!

By way of explanation: - we were headed for Phoenix. And yes, Laura, Go West, young woman - go West :0)
Funny, that sunshine seems like a very distant memory. It's so danged dreary here.

The rainbow thingy on the cloud is a:

Glory: A glory can often be seen surrounding an airplane's shadow. It is a pale, circular rainbow caused by the scattering and reflecting of sunlight from water droplets in clouds below the plane. A glory is not a true rainbow and is usually very small.

Jane Marie said...

That is a gorgeous photo of the rainbow. How nice that you got a chance to see that. Looks like you had a great vacation.

Cathy said...

AC =

I'll take a rain check on your snow check:0)

Patrice -

Thanks,dear. That sunshine seems so very far away.

Tom -

I'm glad we agreeon #4. Thanks :0)

Freste2715 -

Thank you for stopping by. Don't be rubbin' in the Sunblock thing :0)

The Texican -

Thank you! No kidding? The century mark? Whoa.

Mary -

Thank you, honey. Yep. I was clinging to that window. Awesome view.

Those two cowboys road into the sunset without leaving their names:0)

Laura -

Like I said above: Go west young lady:0) (Phoenix)

Donna -

Did you catch my explanation above. At least my clouds weren't FOG!

Jane Marie -

I'm so glad you dropped by. Thank you! It was swell :0)

Laurie said...

Me toooooooooo!!!

Cathy said...

Dear Me Too Laurie =

Wish you could'a been there, too:0)

threecollie said...

Wonderful, fabulous, fantastical photos...and ditto on the sick o winter thing. Me too!

Julie Zickefoose said...

Glorious aerial shots!! May you always get a window seat, and not over a wing.

I love the snowy crop circles.

We had peepers last night for the first time. But it won't stop raining. I suspect the frogs and salamanders are the only ones who are happy about the deluge. Hang in there, Cathy. Spring has to come SOMETIME.

I think we all need to go sit under a lamp.

Larry said...

Cool photos! Spring has arrives tomorrow!

RuthieJ said...

Welcome home Cathy. Glad you got to enjoy some warm, sunny days before coming back to winter!

Excellent photos out the plane window too!