Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring!!!! (Sort of?)

Well, dear friends, Happy Spring! The picture above was taken April 6 - last year. This year my daffodils are barely above the matted leaves in my front bed. Wow. What a difference a year makes.

Hope you've got some Spring in your yard. If not - hang on. Fellow bloggers from southern environs are sending glad tidings of warmth and song. Of hope.

(Swamp Things has some lovely spring flowers)


mon@rch said...

Cathy, I just love those daffodils and really made me smile! Happy spring to yourself and I am ready for spring to be in the yard!

Ruth said...

I hope they will be blooming sooner than you think! April 6th is a ways off yet.

Cuppa said...

We still have mile-high piles of snow on our front garden. Don't think we will be seeing any spring flowers for a long time yet. Sigh!
I bring pots of them home from the grocery store though and keep thoughts of spring close at hand inside when the great outdoors just won't co-operate.

Mary C said...

Hi Cathy

Happy first day of spring! I sure hope you will see the evidence soon. With Easter so early this year, it must be difficult to believe it's spring when many bloggers up north are still looking out their windows at the white stuff. Hang in there, friend! You will see your daffodils soon!

RuthieJ said...

Happy Spring to you too, Cathy. I know it will be along soon and we're just going to appreciate spring so much more this year!

The Texican said...

I think the problem is leap year. We are one day off on the official start of Spring aren't we? I'll turn up the heat down here and maybe a south wind will carry it your way.

Mary said...


First sign of spring is time to celebrate!!! It has taken a long time this year...

I'll bet within a week those Daffys will be smiling at you and you'll be shedding your coat.

Mary, who needs a heavy coat today, down here in Charlotte :o)

nina said...

Our daffodils have buds ready and waiting.
Hang, on Cathy!

Cathy said...

Tom -

It ain't happen' yet, my friend :0)
Snow Advisory tonight.

Ruth -

I've got my fingers crossed, but they're turning blue :0D

Cuppa -

Oh yes! I've done the same. Primrose really brighten a room.
(You've got Smudge, too :0)

Mary C -

Well. We're hanging in there, but I wish my 'there' were more like your 'here' :0D

Ruthie J -

Thanks, my friend. Yes, it will be so SWEET when it finally TRULY arrives.

Tex -

That thermostat must be broke! (Thanks for the kind thoughts, though :0)

Mary -

Well, my friend - I'm afraid a week just isn't going to do it. It may take a week to melt this snow due in tonight :0)

Big Hug . . .

Nina -

Ah . . . daffodil buds :0) Thanks.

Larry said...

I've got some of those that grow on the side of my house.-Hope I see them this year!