Tuesday, March 04, 2008

This Weather is a Turkey!

I read that Nina is enjoying Aconite and SALAMANDERS and is hearing Spring Peepers. Mary has Blue Birds. Tom saw his first Robin. Check! Pam, at least found Spring color in the aisles of her garden store. Swampe has trillium, violet and starwort! Oh! And Three Collie shared her dream of spring:) Larry has a video of a Robin taking its Spring bath. Laura had 'hints' of Spring. And Ruth is wandering around daffodil-festooned hills.(in Wordsworth's poem:0)

Oh, yeah. I've got some possum tracks. I lured him out from under the shed last night with stale bread. (I knew he'd be hungry - it's been a long winter)

Lifeless Lake Wilson has shown up on schedule. (Hard to believe that Lily of the Valley will be blooming there in a couple months)

I've basicallly got bupkiss as far as Spring goes. But, like Lynne, and Ruthie, I've got a turkey. (Do CLICK on it ) (Ruthie does have some cute Spring color HERE )

I guess even ice and monotone hues have their charm . . . . but I'm so ready . . . for COLOR! Thanks to all of you who send your Spring colors our way. If I've missed your recent Spring post - just remind me and I'll link to it here.

I think I'll give a MYSTERY BLOGGER the final word on this time of year.


threecollie said...

That is an amazing photo! Is that a wild turkey? It is rather a light color......

Cathy said...

Yep. Wild. It was in the field behind our place in central Ohio. It was a foggy day. Could that explain its paleness?

nina said...

Lake Wilson, LOL--make it a bit longer lasting and you'll be donning the same lovely duds as I--salamanders give us walking spring color :-)

mon@rch said...

How wonderful seeing the turkeys! Thanks for the link and this time of the year is amazing!

KGMom said...

Cathy--that was worth a chuckle. Love that turkey.
Based on all the birds I hear chirping away outside, in no time at all we will have spring.
Lake Wilson--can't wait to see the pics when all is in bloom.

Mary said...

Cathy, I think Lake Wilson is beautiful, but I'm very fond of pools of water. Your snow is melting and we're seeing all sort of strange colors on our blogs, lately. Primary colors of red, blue, green, yellow - they seem so foreign. I need my freaking sunglasses!

I'm glad you fed the possum. Atta girl!

Great pictures of the end of winter.


Larry said...

I'm looking forward to spring colors too.-Thanks for the links. Nice turkey photo too!-Possums are ornary little buggers-cute though.

Ruth said...

The Thoreau quote says it all. Ruth is just wandering around daffodil hills in her imagination. We are waiting for 25cm of new snow tonight. My goodness..! it has been 4 long days since our last storm :-0

Patrice said...

Hurrah for HDT! The possum prints in the snow are so darned cute. I don't care what anyone says; I'm a sucker for a homely possum face.

Anonymous said...

Cathy, the only sign of spring in my yard is mud!

We also had a storm today, snow and freezing rain, that wasn't too springy, either.

Your turkey looks stately, doesn't it?

Cathy said...


Thanks, again, dear . . . as I mentioned above. It was foggy and I took the picture through a dirty window:0)


Lake Wilson is frozen this morning. It's frozen depths give me the willies, but no salamanders ;0D

Mon@rch -

Oh! I love that turkey to. Thanks!

KGMom -

Donna, I'll take your word for it that it'll be no time at all, but . . . Lake Wilson is stiff this morning.

Mary -

I need some color so badly. I went to the local greenhouse and bought RED primrose. Ahhhhh . . .

If Lake Wilson ever yields to floral floriferousness - we'll celebrate together :0)

Big Hug,

Larry -

Thanks! I like that turkey shot,too. Oops. No. I don't mean I want him 'shot' . . .

Possums are sweet. Period :0)

Ruth -

Oh yes, isn't that Thoreau entry perfect.

Only 4 days, eh? Well we're due for another on Saturday as we fly out of Detroit. ARGGGGGG!!

Patrice -

I'm so glad you checked out the Thoreau link. I knew you'd love it. I'm not surprised, either, that we both enjoy our possum friends.

Gardenpath -

Sandy, At this juncture - even mud would look good.(I'm sure I'll be eating those words in a couple weeks:0)

Oh, yes! "Stately". A fine word for this apparition.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Cathy,
I love those little possum tracks!

Lake Wilson will provide some nice moisture for your spring wildflowers....can't wait to see them.

Is that turkey visiting your birdfeeders too?