Sunday, March 14, 2010

In the air . . in the soil . . in the trees . . . in the breeze

. . around last years goldfinch nest . . .

Something's stirring . . .

On my windshield . .

On my brother's hat - a White-throated sparrow . .

amidst the Aconite blooms . .

in the Vernal Witch hazel it's drifting . .

around the Snowdrop and first bee it's wafting. . .

and calls us to do some spring cleaning . . .

Yes, something's stirring.
. . . . in the robin's song.



threecollie said...

I have to did your brother get a white-throated sparrow on his hat? I am really impressed. And your photos are wonderful! You are a lot farther unto spring than we are so far.

Cathy said...

TC . . .

Thanks, honey.

Well. About that sparrow. I suspect the little fellow had been stunned by a window strike.

Bob said it had been flitting around their deck and was just being friendly.

I've been after my bro and sis-in-law to hang silk boughs of forsythia or cherry blossoms in their windows (like those you find in craft stores) in order to prevent these strikes.

It's worked darn well for me.

Don't let these pixes deceive you. Those aconite and witch hazel blooms are in my local botanic gardens as were those robins.

Same with the bee. It's the only one I've seen in days. (I know its owners - they have bee hives adjacent to the gardens)

Mary said...

Hi Sweet Cathy,

Awwww. What a lovely post. I miss them.

Isn't it wonderful to have a camera ready when you need it? The sparrow...

I'm working on a "spring cleaning" post. Wish I could ask you to write it for me.


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