Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Looking back . .

Upside down cloud reflection in pond.


Looking back isn't as painful now that the sun and the birds are returning:0)



threecollie said...

Your photos are literally breathtaking! The birds, the waves, the wonder! Thank you!!

Cathy said...

TC . .
Thank you so much.

Truth is that it's hard not to get great pixes when wandering around Sanibel Island.

Still - as I review these - I am amazed at the beauty that is so readily at hand.

Mary said...

Whatever there is to interrupt or discourage, it fails to meet your eye for beauty and meaningful prose. I love it here. Cathy, your are so fortunate to see so much and share so sweetly.

Cathy said...

Sweet Mary . . blogger isn't telling me when someone has visited and I miss some of the nicest comments.

Thank you dear lady. I love it when you drop by leaving glitter in your wake.

Eric said...

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