Thursday, April 08, 2010

EEEK!! (OR) . . . .

. .things that showed up on my external hard drive after my computer crashed.

I now use Carbonite, but I have thanked my hubby and son a gazzillion times for instructing me on backing up my files.

I feared I'd lost this dear little bold jumping spider. He's baaaaacck ;-)



threecollie said...

He looks just a little like an alien..or maybe a traffic light at a busy intersection. Cool pic anyhow, glad you saved it.

julie said...

Ooooh, that picture is fantastic! He looks like a UFO hiding out in the flowers.

Mary said...

AAAAACK! Those little beady eyes are precious. So GLAD you have that photo, Cathy.

I backed up with Carbonite almost a year ago. I sleep much better at night now. It's all about the photos, isn't it?


Cathy said...

Oh yes Mary AND the movies!!!

I had some PRECIOUS family movies that luckily I'd backed up on those external drives.

BUT! Carbonite does not back up movies unless you explicitly tell it to.

So if you're making movies - be sure Carbonite is saving them.

Cathy said...

TC! That's hilarious! A traffic light at a busy intersection!



Julie - You're right! And let me tell you - this little UFO will jump right at you and land on your lens.


LauraHinNJ said...

Adorable! (for a spider)