Friday, April 30, 2010

Lucky, lucky, lucky . . .

(morel mushrooms/heaven-on-earth)

Interrupted Fern

Sprouting Grass Moon(aka Full Pink Moon)

. . .Lucky to be gathering spring delights with all our senses.

The experience of long winter nights makes it all the lovelier.



threecollie said...

You must have magic in that camera! So wonderful! I was glorying in spring yesterday too. It is a fine season indeed.

Anvilcloud said...

They're all nice photos. We saw a big, low moon the other night, but it certainly wasn't pink.

Cathy said...

TC . . . Thank you.

It's become an addiction. I put my camera down to eat. That's about it. Yes, my friend - it's a fine season.

AC . . .

Thank you. Wasn't that a glorious moon? I'm not sure why the Indians saw pink. Maybe it depends on the amount of particulate matter in the air. You know - defraction/refraction and all that stuff I don't understand :-)

Anonymous said...

All the photos are fab! But that swan pic is an award winner! The way the light frames each blossom... Girl - you better put a copyright on that!


Mary said...

The swan made me gasp, Cathy. And previously, that Flicker is worthy of a frame. You are on a roll, girl. Keep posting! Rattle my cage occasionally ;-)

Jody Wilson said...

If I have any talent for photography, I guess I know where I got it from now! And all this time I thought it was Dad and his medical imaging!

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