Saturday, February 19, 2011

Waiting For the Sun

Bringing the Sun Up

No lights in the neighbors' windows yet.
Venus, my February companion,
floats above Ed’s roof.
The planet is so bright with reflected light
that the cold on my cheeks
feels like heat.

That’s why I stand here.
On a quiet street, waiting.
For the planet's fading into dawn.
For the cardinal's silhouette at the feeder,
For Ed, in his red flannels, collecting the paper.
For the heart’s cares melting,
like Venus,
into morning.

Catherine Wilson



threecollie said...

That is incredibly beautiful and I thank you for it. My heart felt uplifted as I read.

Cathy said...

Thank you TC. I find I have to fight a tendency for my poems to tip into melancholy.

I'm pleased this one seemed to find a balance and even slanted toward hope..

Anvilcloud said...

This northerner is beginning to get anxious. We had a pretty mild day on Friday (50°F), which is probably not a good thing since it gets the hopes up rather prematurely.

June said...

Nice mood . . . quiet and waiting.

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